outdoor playground

Item Name: outdoor playground


     a. Plastic Part: Imported engineering plastics,using the elements which is anti-UV, antistatic and anti- fading,high strength,Smooth surface,Safety and environmental protection,good weatherproof ability,not easy to fade.

     b. Clamps, rails, and stairs cleaned by sand-blasting, and finished with electro-static powder coating.

     C.Column:  Using Φ114mm international standard steel pipe; After processed fully, it will be deal with special machine, such as: derusting machine, sandslinger; The surface is processed by imported pure polyester plastic powder which is used for outdoor specially, by Spraying twice; High temperature curing,smooth surface,anti-UV,bright colors,not easy to fall off.

(2). Features:

      a. Anti-static inhibitors/UV stabilized.

      b. Easy to install

      c. Safe and solid,as well as fashionable.

      d. The game items are special design which meet children's psychology and interests.

(3). Offers significant variety, lots of action and opportunity to enhance their developing physical and intellectual skills.

(4). Player age: 3-15 years old

(5). Dimension:6.6*4.2*4.2M

(6). We can customize our products for you accroding to your preference such as color and pattern or size.


Product Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: M-yx008
Brand Name: COWBOY

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