Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Playground

Name :Outdoor playground

Model No.: M-yx019
Product Features: 
a. Pipes:Galvanized pipes with the thickness of 2.0mm and diameter of 48mm.
b. Clamps, rails, and stairs cleaned by sand-blasting, and finished with electro-static powder coating.
c. Plastic parts are made from LLDPE, finished with advanced rotational molding technology.
(2). Features:
a. Anti-static inhibitors/UV stabilized.
b. Easy Installed
c. Safe and solid,as well as fashionable.

d. The game items are special design which meet children's psychology and interest.

(3).Design Style:Adopted the latest fashionable style with integrated functions of running,climbing,rolling,which will develop children's ability of balance,independent coordination and increase their self-protection awareness.
(4).Player age: 3-15 years old kids
(5).We can provide you tailor-made services based on your preference such as color and pattern or size.

Product Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: M-yx019
Brand Name: COWBOY

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Company Name: Guangzhou Cowboy Toys Co., Ltd. 
Contact Person: Ms Yuki Yang
Telephone: 86-020-34690303
Fax: 86-020-34690028
E-mail: yuki_cdu@yahoo.cn
Website: www.mt-toys.cn

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